Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Lego lunchbox: courgette salad

Lego lunchbox today:
Courgette salad - courgettes, lemon juice, olive oil, feta cheese, dill
mango for dessert.

Did you know that you could eat raw courgettes? Yes? Well lucky you. No? Don't worry - I didn't know either but I'm here to save the day with this wonderful super easy recipe. 
Courgettes are just as delicious raw as they are in a cooked meal. The secret to this recipe is how you slice them: the thinner the slices the better. Whisk lemon juice (or orange or grapefruit juice if you're feeling adventurous) and olive oil and leave the courgettes to marinate for about 10-15 minutes. Add feta cheese and dill and you have the perfect lunch. A mango for dessert makes it even better. 


  1. So cute the lego lunchbox and yeah I didnt know about the raw courgette, thanks for sharing! Talking about raw, I would like to eat only raw food during a week, to experiment the impact in my body and soul. Will wait for summer time, when you are less hungry.

    1. Dear Marta - that is a lovely idea! You might try juicing for a week and eat some raw nuts whenever you feel the need to munch on something? This will help detoxing your body and you will feel so much better afterwards. But before that - do try a raw courgette salad - you'll love it :)

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