Friday, February 21, 2014

Lego Lunchbox: stir-fry thai chicken with vegetables and rice

Lego lunchbox today:
stir-fry thai chicken with vegetables + basmati rice 
no dessert 

Stir-fry chicken isn't exactly a meal you would see in my red lego lunchbox. But there are a lot more skilled lego lunchbox owners who can actually prepare stuff like that. I see it like that: red is for newbies, yellow is for pros. Whenever you see the yellow lego brick around the blog be prepared for sophisticated top class recipes. And boring coffee drinks, obviously.
Stir-fry chicken with vegetables didn't sound like a big deal in the beginning. But it is. I tried to make it and failed hard. (Dexter didn't mind and ate the whole thing). It wouldn't be right to give you tips on a recipe I hardly understand but let me tell you this: the easiest way to enjoy stir-fry chicken with veggies is to find someone who can prepare it for you. Or in my case: take a picture of it in a special yellow lego lunchbox.


  1. Where do you find these lego boxes? They look pretty cool!

    1. Hey Jessie! A toy store would be a good place to be looking for lego lunch boxes :) I'd love to see more people preparing lunch in lego boxes - please do share if you find one for yourself! :))


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