Saturday, February 04, 2012

Things that make me happy

I don't know about you, but I rarely use my cell phone as a... phone. I almost always leave it at random places and forget where it is, or forget it at home when I go out. But since I've been using it as a camera, capturing daily shots of all the things around me, things have changed. I carry it with me almost every time. And I capture everything colourful and pretty.
Painting has kept me busy lately. I lost my tablet pen, so I had to buy some supplies that I hadn't used for ages. The first picture is a glimpse of the canvas I am currently working on. Acrylics are fun!
I love witty messages. I like them even more when they're in German and I can understand every single word. (I am making progress!) Picture 2 is a postcard I found in a little bookstore here. It says "When the end of the world comes, I'll go to Vienna. Everything there happens 20 years later." I think that is my plan, too.
Did you know that there is a free application for iPhone, that turns Mona Lisa's portrait into 3D? All you need to do is point your phone at a Mona Lisa picture (you don't have to be at the Louvre... though it would be more fun, ha!) and voila! Mona Lisa looks like she's about to jump out of the frame and kiss you on the cheeks.
On the other pictures you can see my last fortune cookie (so mysterious!), the watercolours I've been so excited about and a tiny carousel. The pink one is a quick shoot I did today that I really like. This is the chimney of Vienna's Fernwärme, but it really looks like a cloud factory to me. Doesn't it? Next is my Little Prince quotations box, that helps me learn new German words in a fun way. A banana, that I spotted near home today and instantly reminded me of Andy Warhol. And, of course, Dexter. The prettiest of them all! :) I miss his wintery pink nose and I can't wait to snap another load of pictures of him. Isn't he the cutest fella?


  1. Wow! That is the coolest watercolor set I've ever seen!!!

  2. Loving these! I use my phone more for a camera than a phone... I adore instagram. Happy weekend!

    ♥ sécia

  3. This mona lisa application is indeed great!

  4. I am the same way! I'm constantly forgetting and loosing my phone and rarely use it to make phone calls, but when it comes to taking photos I am always using it! love these!

  5. Great photos. They definitely do evoke happiness. :-)


    Dark Blue Stripes

  6. Yeah me too, I mostly use my phone for surfing and texting with whatsapp :) The photo of your doggie's nose is so cute!

  7. These are awesome. And it makes me feel good that I can read the german too :) Man, I need a cell phone with a good camera on it!


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