Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rediscovering watercolours.

If you spend most of your time drawing on Photoshop (or any other computer program), you somehow forget about paper. I mean - when I know I have my tablet around, I prefer to use it instead of doing sketches and doodles in a notebook. (except when I'm traveling with the underground or waiting for someone somewhere.)
But when I lost my tablet pen I decided to try it. And guess what? It feels great!
I hadn't used watercolours for ages. The last time was most probably in middle school. All I can remember from back then is that I never got the hang of it and it always turned out a complete mess.
What I used to see as imperfections and bad paint coverage is what I absolutely adore now about watercolours. It's simple and easy and so much fun to use brushes again that I think my new tablet will stay unopened in its box for a while. Painting with watercolors is great! And it's the best way to relax after a whole day of grammar exercises in German.


  1. I really like the fact that instead for dark paint, you paint little triangles and dots for the shadows!! =)

  2. I love the fact that instead of bark paint, you paint little triangles and dots in the place of the shadows!! =)

  3. ok i made twice the same comment, how silly, delete the second and this one too! :D
    Too much studying has strange impact on people! :D

  4. Looove the little triangle patterns and the way you rendered the hand! Lovely!


  5. I prefer to work on paper. Somehow it feels like I am more in charge of what I am doing, plus the result is more 'real'. :)




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