Sunday, December 18, 2011

Read of the Month: December

"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" is one of those books that keep you awake at night. Usually I read a chapter or two in bed and instantly fall asleep. Well, not this time.
I bought this book with a couple of Sherlock Holmes novels and an Agatha Christie book, determined to give crime and mystery novels a try. Little did i know that this was a lot more than a crime novel.
It is a story about a boy who has Aspberger's syndrome and tries to find his place among people. He decides to investigate the death of his neighbour's dog and finds himself in the middle of a lot more mysterious situations and tough choices. A wonderful story about an outsider who lives in his own world, but sometimes takes a peek at the real thing. A very sad book with a surprisingly happy ending. You won't be able to put it down before you read the last page. At least I didn't.


  1. anyways i just came across ur blog...n i think its amazing! i would definitely try to find this one in the store.i would love to see more of ur upcoming posts in the future...So how abt we follow each other?? XOXO

  2. I actually read this book, gosh, 5 or so years ago, and I bought it based on the cover alone-which is how I choose a lot of my books-weird right?! Anyways I agree, it wasn't at all what I expected but it was amazing!

  3. Wow, I haven't read for a long time. The last was biography on Coco Chanel. Have a merry merry Chirstmas!

    Ash :o)

  4. Ok i love this book!! LOVE it, i read it couple of years ago but i still reccomend it!


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