Saturday, December 17, 2011

Naturhistorisches Museum

After four whole months spent in Vienna, we finally found time to visit one of the museums here. I love when I can see and touch pieces of human history and I really loved the Natural History Museum. I was able to see some great pieces and, more importantly, I could understand almost every word of the guide that walked us through the place. (She was speaking in German).

What makes this museum one of the most important ones in the world is not only the fact, that it has a rich collection of more than 30 million objects, but the beautiful building that it's situated in. A real work of art.

We saw authentic bones of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, fallen meteor pieces, gemstones and oh so much more.

My favourite piece was the statuette of Venus of Willendorf. It was displayed separately in a special dark room and looked amazing. I don't know, there is just something very special about, don't you think? By the way, did you know that it was discovered here, in Austria?

The most precious piece (not historically though) in the museum is this flower bouquet made entirely out of different gemstones. The Empress of Austria, Maria Theresa, gave it as a present for the name day of her husband. Wouldn't you love a present like that? :)



  1. ah neat!! the venus of willendorf was the first art history slide i ever saw/learned about! it's so old it was always in the beginning of our textbooks :)

  2. wow! those first few pictures were amazing. so spectacular!

  3. These photos are so lovely. What a stunning building! P.S. I am SOOO jealous that you got to see the Venus of Willendorf in person. I've had to answer many an Art History question on that little lady. Thanks for sharing the pics :)


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