Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some fun days ahead!

photos above are taken in my most favourite town, Rousse.

What feels more exciting than packing your suitcase and knowing that in a couple of hours you'll be somewhere completely different and new?
Me and Lazar have planned a whole week of traveling and adventures so please, keep your fingers crossed for safe trips, nice weather and lots of beautiful photos. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Yes! That's the best feeling... Oh, I remember my back packing trips around Europe a few years ago - waking up and realizing that the world was at my door... 'tis hard to beat that. Have a fantastic time.

  2. oh man i hate packing my bags..i am really bad at it! i always forget something! but everything after that is down hill! have a great time and safe travels sweetie!!


  3. are these your photographs? the first one is lovely!!

  4. Wow, beautiful photos! Have fun and enjoy your holidays! :)))

  5. оо приятно изкарване!

    тъй като се събираме блогъри тук в София, ще се радваме да се запознаем. може да ме намериш във facebook - Raya Bozhkova :))

  6. Aw so lucky! I would love to go travelling! I can't until I finish college though!
    I hope you have an amazing adventure! x

  7. Gorgeous photos! Have fun traveling, can't wait to see more pics :)

    Aoife x

  8. i agree that the excitement you feel before embarking on an adventure to a new place is unrivaled! your photos of vienna are makes me want to go!

  9. <3 These photos, especially the dandelion!

  10. your page is soooo COOL! I followed it! Follow back? I just made a blog and it is going to have lots of artsy stuff to it!
    please check it out and tell your friends!:)


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