Sunday, July 14, 2013

Raw Nut & Date Power Balls

I am going to warn you from the very beginning: this recipe is addictive. There is no making it once, that is for sure, because these little balls taste like heaven. And are probably one of the best pieces of candy you could eat, too.
There is no specific recipe for this. I've already played around with different ingredients a couple of times and it works perfectly fine with whatever I decide to add/remove. I will give you a basic ingredient list, but feel free to change it the way you like it best. There is no way it won't work - be brave!

For about 50 power balls you will need:
2 tea cups of raw hazelnuts,
1 tea cup of raw almonds
1 tea cup of white dates
a handful of: goji-berries, raisins, salvia seeds and coconut flakes
3 table spoons of coconut butter

The only thing you need to do is grind the fruit and nuts very good in a blender or a nut-grinder. Add more dates or raisins if you like a sweeter taste, more butter for a creamier mixture, more power foods (goji-berries and salvia seeds) for... well, power.

Use the coconut flakes, salvia seeds, goji-berries or whatever comes to mind for decoration. Make a colourful batch! Leave in the fridge for half an hour and there you have it. Easy as this.

These power balls are the perfect treat for any occasion. They can satisfy any sweet tooth, they are very nutritious and high in energy and the best part of it - absolutely raw and natural.


  1. My mom used to make these! They really taste great and I love how you decorated them (:

  2. с банани вместо фурми също става много интересно

    1. 100% ще пробвам, аз ги правя кажи-речи през ден :) сега обаче гледам рецепти за домашни сладоледи и там много ми препоръчват банани, така че ще комбинирам и двете неща май :)

  3. WOW this looks so yummy and healthy , being raw !

    XX Luba

    Summery look with hat in my post today

  4. I love easy and creative recipes. :)



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