Saturday, November 03, 2012

Playing with stamps: notepad DIY

I am addicted, I admit it. Stamps are just too cool to be left aside for too long. Plus, you could make a thousand fun things with them. So if you don't own a set yet - I highly recommend finding one. You will love it at least as much as I do. We could even start a fan club. No? Just me? Oh all right then.

This DIY is a fun weekend activity you can do by yourself or with friends. And it's perfect for a gift, too, because let's be honest - who doesn't like cool handmade stuff? The supplies you are going to need are: glue, scissors, plain paper pad, cardboard and - of course - stamps and an ink pad.

1: First of all you will need the measures of your paper pad so that you can easily cut out a front-back cover for it from the cardboard. Fold the center of the cover so that it fits perfectly to the paper pad. If your cardboard is thicker, use the tip of the scissors to create a thin line before folding. This way you won't damage the cardboard and it would fold perfectly. 2: Use liquid glue to attach the paper pad to the cardboard cover and let it dry completely. 3 and 4: Think of what you want to use the notepad for and use the stamps to print whatever it suits it best. You might find my pick a little boring but hey - at least I'm honest! Stamping on cardboard can be tricky - it needs more ink than regular paper, so keep your stamps on the ink pad a little longer. You could leave it like that or you could spice things a little by adding simple illustrations to finish it up.
And there you have it!


  1. Wow! It looks great!Now I need an alphabet stamps set, too.

  2. Cute! I made something similar the other day too, but I didn't hand make the notepads like you :)The bunting is super cute!

  3. What a sweet idea, I love the little bunting design.


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