Monday, July 04, 2011


Although Dexter has been hyper active lately and keeps distracting me every single time I sit behind the computer, I managed to finish number three of my African set. Yay!
This cheetah literally took me forever to finish. (Partly because of Dexter, of course). My initial intention was to draw a tiger, but the details were quite familiar with the ones I will be using for the fourth illustration, so I took your advice and did the cheetah instead. It's for all of you, cat lovers! :)
While I am still working on the last illustration, you can see the Giraffe and the Rhino, or even try to guess which the last animal of the set will be. Ok, I'll give you a hint: it's black and white. Is that too easy? :)


  1. Awwww it's fantastic! I love all the illustrations of the African set! You're amazing *_*

    Mmmm I guess... a monkey?? ahahah of course a zebra ;) can't wait to see it!

  2. This is crazy good! Are you doing this by hand, in Illustrator? Or what? It's amazing.

    Thanks for your sweet comments by the way :) I kind of got lucky with that photo, the colors were perfect I thought. Love it when things work out!


  3. Thank you so much, Merylu! (when I read your suggestion for the monkey I was like "oops, did I give false hints?" It takes me some time to get a joke, lol)
    Hi Amanda!
    Many many people asked me how I do my illustrations and I never seem to answer. Because it's a big secret? No. Because I forget a lot? - Sure thing.
    I work with Photoshop only (I wish I could use Illustrator, but I never find time to practice). I draw with a tablet and every single detail you see on an illustration is done by hand. :)

  4. This is awesome! I'm excited to see the last in your set! I'm sure it'll be just as amazing as the piece above! <3

  5. I love it! The purple touches work so well with the gold.

  6. wow, that's amazing!! I LOVE ART, TOO!

  7. woah lady this is so amazing!! i love the patterns and the so freakin cool!!


  8. Beautiful!
    you're talented and stuff you do are different than what can be seen around. :)

  9. Oh I absolutely love this! It's a refreshing style as well, very different from many of the illustrations out there. Awesome :)



  10. eek, so good! I really love the patterns you use, this is a rather wise looking cheetah. Love it!


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