Monday, June 20, 2011

Sun tea and best friends.

"The feeling of knowing how perfect your day will be just because you know how perfect the person you're going to spend it with is", tweeted Lubi about our day today. It was more than perfect, it was magical.
We finally got to try our underwater camera (in a hot tub, but still!) and it was such an adventure. It's definitely hard to focus (and to stay still) under water, but we do hope at least 3 out of 30 pictures would look fine. Can't wait to see them developed tomorrow!
The weather was perfect and we decided to spend the rest of it outside in the garden. We made raspberry sun tea, laughed so hard my cheeks still hurt and shared secrets no other person would ever know.
One word: magical.


  1. I can't wait to see your underwater pictures. The tea looks so refreshing, I really like it! The colors are so vibrant :)

  2. I keep seeing people making sun tea and it makes me want to try making some so bad. Not that it's super hard I'm afraid either 1 Bugs (particularly spiders)will get in or 2 the neighborhood kids will get it before me!

  3. days like this should always be cherished! hope you post some of the under water pictures, i want to get one for this summer!


  4. Sun tea looks so good! I think I'll have to try making some this summer!

  5. wonderful!

    "laughed so hard my cheeks still hurt"
    totally envious.

  6. Aww, looks magical! Can't wait to see those underwater pictures!

  7. It's very rare to have such a great friend.
    cherish these moments.

    pretty pics :)

  8. Beautiful! I can't wait to meet up with my best friend and do things like this (:

  9. true friends in life are such a gift! :)

    your sun tea photo makes me want to immediately make some sun tea too! i haven't made that in years!


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