Monday, August 09, 2010

My own summer

My summer vacation is over and I am so happy to keep such wonderful memories... My own summer was just magical!
Me and my boy went to the seaside and stayed at our favourite Dewney resort. It's away from the hustle and bustle of popular resorts, it's a quiet and peaceful place - just what we needed for a magical vacation.

I had enourmous fun! We took pictures (mainly with my fav hipstamatic app because *someone* had forgotten to take the battery charger for the camera...), rode jets (wow!), danced and sang and swam swam swam!

I fall for my boy again and again - he is just the sweetest! He was so caring and made me laugh just about all the time. He took me to an amazing jewelry shop (which we later called lily's place because we were there almost every day for something new) from where I bought myself amazing rings and earrings! Wohoo!

So, what was your own summer?

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