Monday, January 26, 2015

The importance of resolutions

A couple of days before the end the year I accidentally found my list of New Year's resolutions for 2014. It was a proper list: fifteen goals – some as simple as forming a couple of good habits, others somewhat challenging – like running a half-mararhon – third a bit too ambitious – like overcoming fears and stepping out of my comfort zone. 2014 was a nice year. I actually managed to finish a half-marathon. Twice. I bought myself a lunchbox and discovered the pleasure of home-cooked lunches. I moved to London for the summer and although I needed some time to get used to everything (let's just say it... I hated London in the beginning), I actually met a bunch of cool people, learned a whole lot of new things and visited some wonderful places there. I also tried the Sorting Hat, which directly falls into the category "childhood dreams come true". Resolutions for 2014: done, done and done. Resolutions for 2015: more, more and more. The list is open and growing.
I'll make sure I travel more in 2015 (there's a separate list with dream-destinations, of course). I will do the best that I can to finally finish my studies once and for all (a thing that is constantly giving me headaches). I will learn more - design-wise, cooking-wise, communication-wise, life-wise. I will do more sport (who's getting at 7am every other morning to go to the gym? I am!) and I will definitely try to find time and draw a little more. I will keep a diary (this blog being a part of it), I will take pictures, I will read more and by the end of the year I'll be more than glad to see a better version
of myself.
That's why I find resolutions so important - because I like to have a plan, I like to know where I'm headed and what I can do to improve the things I do and the things I see. Setting actual goals is the best way to boost your motivation and give direction to what you want and what you need. It doesn't have to be a list of resolutions – but it's a good start of the year.


  1. Loving how determined you are! My only res for 2015 is to lose my crappy job and start doing what I really like doing. So yeah, big plans! Good luck with everything - make sure you have fun xxx


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