Monday, December 01, 2014

Weekly Menu

Making a weekly menu plan might sound complicated, but it's actually the easiest thing to do. It might require some time up front, but it's definitely worth it in the end. 
Planning your menu for the  upcoming week gives you the opportunity to make a well-balanced and diverse diet, and saves you a lot of time, money and effort. And it's fun. It's real fun. I should have started with that. 

To make things prettier, I've made a cute template you can download from here. You can plan your healthy drinks and snacks, too - so you can always know what you have in store. 
Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to plan a meal for every single night. Think of three balanced meals you'd like to prepare for the week. Think about what you would like to eat, what is good for you to eat – and jot it down. With the visual in front of you you can make sure you are getting all the daily nutrition you need. 
Once you have your menu planned, it's a lot easier to shop groceries for the week and not get  tempted by guilty pleasures. You'll start paying a lot more attention to the food you're eating and – hopefully – get inspired to cook your own meals more often. 


  1. Лила, искам да си ми готвач.

    от Алекс

  2. What a great place I have just discovered! The first thing it struck me was your name, Lilla, the second is the pen from the second photo (I have the same one - 0.38 and loveee it).

  3. Благодаря, Лила! Публикувай по-често ако имаш възможност, защото при теб е много уютно! Харесва ми да се лутам из твоите публикации!
    А "Лила" е героиня от една невероятна италианска книга, за която скоро писах, но за съжаление я няма на български, казва се "My Brilliant Friend", ако някога ти попадне не я подминавай!
    Всичко най-щастливо от мен!


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