Saturday, October 25, 2014

2 reasons for a happy dog

Dexter sleeps in on a Saturday. He is still sleepy while I put my winter coat on and get ready for our morning walk. He yawns lazily as I put his leash оn. Poor Dexter  – he has now idea that today is 
the day he's been waiting for so long.
It is snowing outside for the first time this season. Not too heavily – but enough to make a golden retriever the happiest dog in the world. I remove his leash and he starts running like crazy, making impossible u-turns, his back paws sliding like he's a cartoon character. He stops every now and then to eat some snow (I try to be the voice of reason but he's a rebel, I give him that) and then rushes off again. Funny how he can run in the snow for so long, but finds it boring when I take him out for
a jog.

As Dexter runs giddily from one end of the park to the other, an old girlfriend of his appears out of nowhere. She waits patiently next to me for Dexter to notice her which takes a good ten minutes or so. Dexter finally comes to greet her and a couple of minutes later they are both running and rolling in the snow. His girlfriend is not as excited about the snow as she is to be seeing Dexter – but he's a little too preoccupied to notice. Or, as I suppose, snow is, after all, a little more exciting than girls.

After a whole hour of snow adventures we finally get back home. We make lunch, brew tea, and hide under a warm blanket. It's a nice Saturday.
Happy first snow!


  1. I love the last picture, the purple fitted your dog dexter really nice!
    anyway, I'm a new reader and enjoy reading your blog,
    I like your artwork :)

    PS. is the myth real? I'm starting to feel insecure now..

    1. Oh thank you, Ayrine, glad to have you here! :)
      I can't be a hundred percent sure about the myth... but it might be real, you know? Better protect those socks! :P


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